Carte Blanche – Selected Photographers from the Book

Drawing from the more than 200 photographers
featured in
Carte Blanche, a groundbreaking book on Canada’s
best photographers
as selected by a jury of renowned arts
this exhibition shows how Canadian
photographers experience
cultures around the world – and how they work
within their
own. From photojournalism in the bleakness of Haiti
Lemoyne), the severity of the Ukraine (Donald
Weber) and the
toughness of Canada’s own Uranium City (Eamon
to the gentler minutiae of daily living (Alain
Paiement), musings
on concepts of perception and memory (Jakub
and observations on the way we treat our urban
(Isabelle Hayeur), these photographers show
global culture
through comparisons and contrasts, by travelling
and staying
home, by constructing and documenting alike.
this show encourages viewers to perceive edges
and perforations
of Canadian photography within an image-heavy

Curated by Catherine Dean & MaryAnn Camilleri