Johan Hallberg-Campbell Nzirambi

In December 2013, Johan Hallberg-Campbell spent several weeks in Uganda, photographing at the Nzirambi Orphanage, a family-run centre outside Kasese. The resulting series of photographs and video illustrate life at the orphanage and its impact on the many individuals who call it home. This exhibition includes portraits of the orphanage’s residents and staff, as well as landscapes of the surrounding area.

Johan Hallberg-Campbell was born in the Highlands of Scotland and has been living and working in Canada since 2007. He is a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art, and his work has been published and exhibited internationally. Johan’s photographic work explores what it means to belong to a community with traditions rooted in heritage, and alternatively what happens when one’s “place” is altered, removed, or shifted.  With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, he is continuing his long-term project ‘Coastal’, documenting the Canadian coastlines.

As a freelance photographer, Johan has worked on assignments for numerous publications and institutions worldwide. He has curated 45 exhibitions of photography in galleries such as VII gallery, New York and Pikto, Toronto, and is the photo editor at Raw View magazine alongside Donald Weber.


About the Nzirambi Education Fund
The Nzirambi Education Fund is a grassroots initiative helping children from the Nzirambi Orphanage to access higher levels of education. Established over 25 years ago by Dorothy Nzirambi, the orphanage is home to more than 120 orphaned and vulnerable children from the area.  To date, the fund has raised more than $60,000 and sponsored eight individuals through various levels of education, including five young women who are currently in university. The Fund helps break the cycle of poverty, by providing access to education.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the benefit party in support of the Nzirambi Education Fund. The $16,000 raised at this event will directly contribute to tuition fees for a group of 6 students attending university in Uganda. Also a big thank you to Toronto Image Works, The Gilder, and Lamin 8, Stratus and Kronenbourg for supporting the exhibition, as well as the many local businesses that contributed to the fundraising event.


Curated by Tara Smith