Have You Seen This Man

Daniel Faria Gallery ⁠ accessible_forward

In Have You Seen This Man, Nadia Belerique continues her investigation into the mood of space and the methods by which to occupy it physically and psychologically. Borrowing from narrative structures such as poetry, prose, and news headlines, and culling from diverse technological aesthetics, Belerique draws the viewer into an installation that subtly seeks prolonged observation. Have You Seen This Man sparks a conversation regarding the absurd notion that objects, and photographs of objects, are engaged in a type of performance.

Through her installations, Belerique addresses the poetics of perception and asks how images perform in contemporary culture. Primarily invested in questions around materiality and dematerialization through the illusion of photographs, her image-based works are often interrupted by sculptural objects. Based in Toronto, Belerique received her MFA from the University of Guelph, is a board member at G Gallery, and has recently exhibited at such venues as Narwhal, XPACE, The Drake Hotel, and Diaz Contemporary in Toronto.