Jimmy Limit Surplus

Clint Roenisch Gallery ⁠ not_accessible

Surplus is about excesses, extras, and digital possibilities. Through video, photography, and sculpture, the exhibition focuses on photo-based surplus as a lens through which to see the wider world of production and distribution. Jimmy Limit addresses the excess of images that exist online, the photos that stay backed-up on hard drives, the artwork that is unexhibited or unsold and in storage, the many ideas that only half materialize, and the multitude of display options for translating digital, photo-based images. Taking inspiration from the thousands of images he looks at on eBay, Google Images, stock photography websites, e-commerce sites, museum archives, and contemporary art aggregates, Limit’s photographs look strange yet familiar. [1]

[1] Absorption, Abundance, Ambiguity, Anxiety, Archaeology, Art, Balance, Citrus, Collapse, Commerce, Commodity, Culture, Desire, Digestion, Digital, Distribution, Economy, Everyday, Excess, Failure, Foam, Frustration, Future, Growth, History, Humour, Isolation, Longevity, Luxury, Mediation, Memory, Modern, Money, Network, Precarity, Production, Profit, Reality, Redundancy, Saturation, Solution, Storage, Strange, Success, Superfluous, Surplus, Time, Translation, Ubiquity, Uncertainty, Unnecessary, Yellow.


Supported by the Ontario Arts Council.