Group Exhibition Ellipsis

Apr 27–May 8,  2016
Gallery 1313 ⁠ accessible_forward
  • Jack Martin
  • Nicole Croiset
  • Hugh McBride
  • Dean Bradley
  • Robert Teteruck
  • Sandy Middleton
  • Daniel He
  • Annie Tong
  • Atia Pokorny
  • Trevor Ydreos
  • Victor Mayes
  • Duncan McLaren
  • Carlos Gárate

In writing, three dots convey that which is not said, but which is implied. Without words, photography encapsulates emotion and communicates narrative. In the two-part exhibition Ellipsis, 28 members of the artist-run Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography use a variety of styles, processes, and approaches to show that what is not in a picture may be as telling as what is.