Group Exhibition Spectra: Gallery 44 Members Show

Apr 25–May 6,  2018
  • David Brandy
  • Katherine Childs
  • Ulla Djelweh
  • Sylvia Galbraith
  • Tom Kane
  • Susan Kerr
  • Kelly Lamorie
  • Franklin Lau
  • Jack Martin
  • Eliza Moore
  • Huw Morgan
  • Joachim Oepkes
  • Nelly Akerman Singer
  • Janne Reuss
  • Ted Scott
  • Jennifer Young

Spectra brings together work from 32 members of Gallery 44 in a two-part exhibition that represents a variety of different photography concepts and techniques, celebrating the diversity of artistic practice and revealing the ways seemingly disparate work can intersect. Spectra is the spirit embodied by the community of Gallery 44.