Women's Art Association of Canada Members Beauty Is Where You Find It

  • Dixie Allen
  • Karen Buck-Mackintosh
  • Dale Butterill
  • Judith Davidson-Palmer
  • Ulla Djelweh
  • Libby Hunter
  • Susan Lappin
  • Karen Perlmutter
  • Janet F. Potter
  • Margaret Rodgers
  • Ted Scott
  • Natalia Shields

A select group of photographers from the Women’s Art Association of Canada explore their perceptions of beauty. Beauty is a quality that captivates the spirit. It is a personal moment that the artists see and feel individually. They have a profound need to capture that moment. In this exhibition, the artists break stereotypical boundaries by finding beauty in the most obscure places. Journey with them through the unique vision of 13 diverse photographers.

Curated by Karen Perlmutter