EMILIA-AMALIA invites Erica Stocking

Responding to Beatrice Gibson: Plural Dreams of Social Life through a series of four public programs, EMILIA-AMALIA invite artists and practitioners to consider Gibson’s propositions for collective authorship, feminist histories, and the maternal as an essential point of collision between the self and the external world.

Artist Erica Stocking hosts a participatory reading of her play The Artist’s Studio is Her Bedroom—a choreographed statement on autobiographical art making towards a new grammar for living, working and being in the world—influenced by the methodology and writings of Gertrude Stein.

To participate as a reader, inquire with Aamna Muzaffar: [email protected].

General registration for the event opens April 23 and is limited to 30 persons. For registration and childcare accommodations during these events please inquire in advance: [email protected]