Michelle Forsyth Our relationship is beautiful due to the distance

Corkin Gallery ⁠ accessible_forward

Michelle Forsyth’s multidisciplinary practice opens up new conversations between sculpture and photography. Her first solo exhibition with Corkin Gallery presents work made over the last five years.

Forsyth works closely with textiles, using clothing and patterns found in her own closet, referencing personal memories. The artist’s earlier sculptural works took the form of wrapped fabric bundles, sewn or woven together and presented on plinths painted to reference the textiles used. These sculptures were then photographed, resulting in two-dimensional images that flatten and accentuate the planes of colour and pattern.

Forsyth’s new body of work, Improvisations, continues her engagement with documenting her life through textiles.It features garments made to accommodate her body and her gestures as she navigates the effects of Parkinson’s disease. The finished garments are displayed on custom-built hangers alongside performative self-portraits, set against painted backdrops.

The artist would like to acknowledge the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council for this exhibition.