Photographers Without Borders Group Exhibition Original Perspectives

  • Robby Dick
  • Shawna Farinango
  • Mary Helmer
  • Edgar Kanayko╠â
  • Alex King
  • Ian Maracle
  • Mia Ritter-Whittle
  • Nabidu Taylor
  • Sara Aliaga Wayra

Original Perspectives highlights the work of nine Indigenous artists whose origins range from Northern Ontario to the Pacific Islands. These emerging and established artists come from diverse backgrounds, but are united in their passion for storytelling through this series of portraits and documentary images that explore Indigenous cultures, traditions, identities, and communities. Their work expresses the need to respect past traditions and struggles, and a desire to inspire future generations of Indigenous artists to showcase their own unique perspectives. This diverse group seeks to document the lived experience of Indigenous peoples in a reclamation of dignity and identity, using photography as a means to increase awareness and change perspectives on what it means to be an Indigenous artist.

Original Perspectives is presented by Photographers Without Borders through their first annual Indigenous Photographer Fellowship Award. Recipients were selected by the organizationÔÇÖs Indigenous Arts Council.

Curated by Daniel Fast