Eric Fruhauf, Brent Wagler Tracings

Apr 30–May 31,  2022

At bulthaup Toronto, an exhibition of photographs by architects Eric Fruhauf and Brent Wagler aims to capture the complexity and essence inherent in a number of structures of architectural significance. The abstraction of space, form and light in their respective approaches eschews the static image in favour of movement and time.

Fruhauf’s images provide a shifting perspective; the geometries of the iconic subject matter are seemingly fractured into shimmering facets that evoke an exhilaratingly destabilizing sensation. Ghostly traces almost seem to vibrate.

The intentional ambiguity of Wagler’s subjects invites viewers to question the source, their abstraction eliciting an emotional and visceral connection rather than obvious recognition. Blurred images of window, apse and ladder convey luminosity, wonder and transcendence.