Floodline Collective Salvageable

  • Claudette Abrams
  • Berkley J Abrams Page
  • Anthea Baxter-Page
  • Michael Dewdney

Artists present site-specific inventories of images and ideas exploring personal accumulation and global footprint.

As casualties of modernity, we find ourselves unwitting collectors of castaway forms and findings, in whose composite we discern something like a mass biography of human activity, influence, and impact. This process is in constant flux and veritable as the particulate matter we breathe and the micro-plastics that flow through our veins. Reflecting on this recombinant impulse, like ragpickers, we recycle fragmentary fictions and inconvenient truths.

Exhibited outdoors as a collective of artworks in individual freestanding vitrines mapped around Toronto Island; a map of locations is available online.


Curated by Claudette Abrams