Group Exhibition How to Remember for the Future

May 18–Aug 17,  2022
  • Carlos Bezz
  • Richelle Forsey
  • Tatiana Gorbal
  • Sandra Herber
  • Melinda Komuves
  • John Kosmopoulos
  • Ebru Kur
  • Negar Pooya
  • Celene Tang

How to Remember for the Future invites nine artists from the Humber College community to explore the documentation of unexpected experiences that affect their memories of a certain time and place. We asked them what it means to create with intention in a world whose priorities and environments may no longer be predictable nor sustainable. After observing local and global events, and balancing issues such as gender politics, IBPoC representation, and climate change, how do they adapt as artists and continue to create? And to what extent can these present-day experiences shape their own futures? This action of memory-making is especially applicable in photography, where the physical act of taking a picture simultaneously records and omits subjects and their surroundings. It affects not only the ways in which a photographer may reminisce about the past, but how they remember for the future.

This curated, college-wide exhibition takeover is installed across Humber College’s Lakeshore, North, and Downtown campuses. These nine artists are a mix of emerging and professional photographers, and include Humber students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

A map of the exhibition locations can be found here.


Curated by Diane Pellicone & Casey Norris

Supported by Humber College Photography Professors David Scott and Lauren Cheong. Presented by Humber Galleries.

Carlos Bezz is a commercial and fine art photographer, as well as a trained graphic designer. He is focused on communicating creatively with his audiences, imparting a visual story through his images. As a photographer, Carlos has experience working in fashion and product placement, whereas in graphic design, he focuses on brand development. He is currently enrolled in the Photography program at Humber College. To learn more about this artist, follow on Instagram @carlosbezz

Richelle Forsey is an interdisciplinary process-based creator and writer. Her practice is rooted in storytelling, the discourse of images, aleatory outputs, and ultimately making works for ‘slow looking’ – a practice akin to Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening. Richelle is a founding member of the photography collective TLR Club and a graphic artist for the indie experimental music label Aural Tethers. She resides in Guelph and is the Photography Technician at the University of Guelph-Humber. To learn more about this artist, follow on Instagram @richelle4c

Tatiana Gorbal was born in Russia. Growing up in a city, she was never really interested in nature, but was always exposed to art and culture. A dancer for over 14 years, she learned how to tell stories and see different perspectives through sound and movement. During an exchange year in the UK, Tatiana’s interest in photography cultivated into a passion inspired by nature and people. Years later, she dove deeper into videography, fashion photography, and portraiture. A large part of Tatiana’s artistic expression is centered around capturing a subject’s unique beauty on camera. She is currently enrolled in the Global Business Management program at Humber College. To learn more about this artist, follow on Instagram @tanyagorbal

Sandra Herber is an avid photographer. While she enjoys working as a Librarian with Humber College, she spends most of her free time exploring Canada and the rest of the world. Her love of photography began when her mother gave her an old Pentax Spotmatic and her parents allowed her to set up a darkroom in their family’s basement. Sandra photographs a variety of subjects, particularly remnants of the past – from wooden grain elevators on the Canadian Prairies to Mayan ruins in Mexico. To learn more about this artist, follow on Instagram @sandraherberphoto

Melinda Komuves was born and raised in Hungary. A mother of four young children, she got into photography as a way of capturing their early lives and important milestones. Unexpectedly, she fell in love with the medium and left her Early Childhood Education career behind to pursue photography full time. As a photographer, Melinda hopes to impart the gift of memory onto her clients so that they may cherish a particular moment forever. She believes photography to be the most universal form of expression, as it has the potential to connect all individuals regardless of age, gender, or language. Melinda is currently enrolled in the Photography program at Humber College. To learn more about this artist, follow on Instagram @melindakomuvesphotography

John Kosmopoulos is a photographer who lives and works in Toronto. He has received multiple distinctions for his work, with his images featured in galleries, on film, and in several national and international publications. Always in pursuit of new experiences to fulfill his artistic interests, John embodies an eclectic aesthetic philosophy, preferring a more generalist approach in his photography. His intent is to capture the complexity of beauty across multiple subjects and translate them back to the viewer with a felt aesthetic that is thematic, symbolic, and cinematic. John is also a Professor in Developmental Service Work with Humber College’s Faculty of Social and Community Services. To learn more about this artist, follow on Instagram @johnkosmopoulos 

Ebru Kur is originally from Istanbul, and is known for her digital artworks, paintings, and installation pieces. By exploring different mediums, she attempts to capture everyday struggles that resonate with her audiences. Her idiosyncratic artworks are saturated with an awkward uneasiness, utilizing pop cultural references and surprising wordplay. Through a minimalist approach, Ebru also incorporates her diverse Turkish culture within her practice, as well as drawing inspiration from her past education and experiences working in city planning. She is currently enrolled in the Visual and Digital Arts program at Humber College. To learn more about this artist, follow on Instagram @ebrukurart

Celene Tang is a photographer who lives and works in Toronto and is in her final year with Humber College’s Photography program. When she isn’t taking commercial images, she is exploring and philosophizing about the metaphysical connections between digital and real-world experiences. She is interested in producing artworks that are impossible to recreate with our current digital technology and is always wondering if there is a true, lasting benefit to fully digitizing someone’s experiences. Celene uses photography as the basis for her creativity and experiments with many different mediums to see how they can push the boundaries of her own beliefs. To learn more about this artist, follow on Instagram @c_t_photo_