Group Exhibition Lifescapes: Through the Lens

  • Dixie Allen
  • Kathleen Gabriel
  • Maggie Broda
  • Karen Buck-Mackintosh
  • Dale Butterill
  • Sheila Craig Waengler
  • Judith Davidson-Palmer
  • Sylvia Ding
  • Ulla Djelweh
  • Alison Galley
  • Jack Gilbert
  • Libby Hunter
  • Susan Lappin
  • Karen Perlmutter
  • Leslie Savage
  • Ted Scott
  • Natalia Shields
  • Rod Trider
  • Dulce Vanasse

Lifescapes: Through the Lens Photography records moments in time: special moments, everyday moments, those that define how one lives, the events marked, the surrounding people and places around, where one’s focus lies. Some images are unique, others are recurring, some reflect the special time in which we live, while others are universal. They tell not only about the image being captured, but about the photographer behind the lens.

The photographs in this exhibition capture the photographers’ unique perspectives of life in the moment from isolation to togetherness, from urban to pastoral, from reality to abstraction. It’s all Lifescapes.

Note: The gallery will close early at 2pm on Saturday, May 14 for a private event.