Group Exhibition Spectra 2022

May 18–Jun 5,  2022
  • Adrian Amaricucai
  • Ismayil Atmaca
  • Daphne Boxill
  • Linda Briskin
  • Dan Dodds
  • Nascipio Filho
  • Richelle Forsey
  • Danielle Goshay
  • Monica Gupta
  • Brian Hart
  • Shaney Hermann
  • Fred Lum
  • Bessy Lustiva-Espina
  • Kye Marshall
  • Ed McDonough
  • Huw Morgan
  • Ivan Rupes
  • Ana Sasic
  • Lilianne Schneider
  • David Scriven
  • Dave Shuken
  • Ross Stockwell

Spectra brings together new work by innovative members of the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography, in an exhibition presenting a wide variety of photographic concepts. As the name suggests, the work demonstrates the many possibilities open to contemporary photographers and celebrates the diversity of artistic practices, revealing the ways seemingly disparate work can intersect.

Spectra, a changing collective of members, has been an active participant in CONTACT since its inception.

Curated by Holly Chang

Richelle Forsey is an interdisciplinary process-based creator and writer. Her practice is rooted in storytelling, the discourse of images, aleatory outputs, and ultimately making works for ‘slow looking’ – a practice akin to Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening. Richelle is a founding member of the photography collective TLR Club and a graphic artist for the indie experimental music label Aural Tethers. She resides in Guelph and is the Photography Technician at the University of Guelph-Humber. To learn more about this artist, follow on Instagram @richelle4c