Thomas Brasch how to be human – #wewillnotlethatewin

May 1–31,  2022

In how to be human – #wewillnotlethatewin, Thomas transforms lens-based source images into luminous commemorative mandalas to address the pandemic of needless violence in our communities.

With a recent rash of shootings in the Toronto and Scarborough communities, this exhibition is more relevant than ever.  On May 11th, 2022, the Clark Centre for the Arts will be hosting a panel discussion entitled “The Damage of a Gun.” The guest speakers include Mitzie Hunter, MP Scarborough-Guildwood, representatives from Doctors for Protection against Firearms and Neil Donaldson from Stolen from Africa, as well as the artist, Thomas Brasch.

The exhibition and community talk wishes to promote discussions about a community’s ability to heal.

Works included in this section are commemorative of the Danforth and Danzig Street shootings, the Toronto and London (Ont.) vehicle attacks, the Montreal Massacre of 1989, and the Pulse Nightclub Shooting of 2016 whose hashtag #wewillnotlethatewin started a movement of healing.

Curated by Bob Carnie