Group Exhibition Capturing the Moment

  • Dixie Allen
  • Barbara Anderson
  • Linda Briskin
  • Karen Buck-Macintosh
  • Dale Butterill
  • Judith Davidson-Palmer
  • Ulla Djelweh
  • Jack Gilbert
  • Anahita Jakibchuk
  • Margaret Kittel Canale
  • Susan Lappin
  • Kate Lee
  • Joanne Nelson
  • Leigh Nelson
  • Karen Perlmutter
  • Ted Scott
  • Natalia Shields
  • Rod Trider

Capturing the moment in photography refers to recording more than just any subject, scene, person or place. It involves recording a feeling or atmosphere of a specific moment in time. It is a moment unlike any other. In terms of genre it can be a landscape, a portrait, a street scene, or an abstraction. The photo tells a story. The viewer can look for qualities of responsiveness, immediacy and emotion in this wide ranging exhibition. It creates the incentive to take time and wonder about the story the photo tells and the photographer’s motivation in capturing this particular moment.