Group Exhibition Spectra 2023

May 6–28,  2023
  • Linda Briskin
  • Katherine KY Cheng
  • Alex Coley
  • Tania Dos Santos
  • Eric Garsonnin
  • Danielle Goshay
  • Brian Hart
  • Laura Honsberger
  • Emma Juliette Sherland
  • Changhao Li
  • Kye Marshall
  • Eliza Moore
  • Huw Morgan
  • Alex Neumann
  • Sumaya Osman
  • Zoi de la Peña
  • Gerald Pisarzowski
  • Atia Pokorny
  • Paula Razuri
  • Ana Sasic
  • Lilianne Schneider
  • David Scriven
  • Annie Tong
  • Shelley Wildeman

Spectra brings together new work by innovative members of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography in an exhibition that represents a variety of different photographic concepts. As the name suggests the work demonstrates the many possibilities that are open to contemporary photographers and celebrates the diversity of artistic practice revealing the ways seemingly disparate work can intersect. Spectra, a changing collective of members, has been an active participant in CONTACT since its inception.

Curated by Holly Chang