Group Exhibition Ways of Seeing: Room Up Front Exhibition

May 9–31,  2023
  • Aaron Hemens
  • Adetona Omokanye
  • Alicia Wynter
  • Carolina Andrade
  • Katherine KY Cheng
  • Isabella Falsetti
  • Jessica Lee
  • Joel Rodriguez
  • Justin Tang
  • Kayla Isomura
  • Lucy Lu
  • Norma Ibarra
  • Ammar Bowaihl
  • Boris R. Thebia
  • Brianna Roye
  • Gavin John
  • Oladimeji Odunsi
  • Ramona Leitao
  • Solana Cain
  • Spencer Colby
  • Twinkle Banerjee
  • Duane Cole

Ways of Seeing is the inaugural exhibition of Room Up Front, a new pilot program founded by Canadian photojournalists from the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities who see the need for greater diversity in photojournalism, documentary photography, and editorial photography.

This grassroots program is based on the idea of many supportive hands working together to break down barriers and build connections within the industry, changing which stories are told and seen.

This showcase exhibition highlights the work of both mentees and mentors, illustrating the future of the field and the diverse ways that they see through their lenses.

Curated by Sarah Espedido