Shai Buddah, Felicia Byron, Sydellia Ndiaye Here & Home

Curated by Djenabé Edouard, Here & Home presents the work of photographer Felicia Byron, spoken-word artist Sydellia Ndiaye and choreographer Shai Buddah in an exhibition that brings visibility to the Afro-Caribbean community and celebrates stories of immigration, labour, and legacy.

Presented in partnership with Mayworks Festival of Working People & the Arts, the exhibition is in dialogue with members of the Afro-Caribbean labour community and seeks to address the socioeconomic systems that support migratory labour but not migrant workers; continuing to define the Caribbean, primarily, as a source of cheap labour.

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 4, 7pm at Riverdale Hub.
Closing reception: Wednesday, May 17, 7pm at Riverdale Hub.

Curated by Djenabé Edouard

Felicia Byron

Felicia Byron (she/her) is a Caribbean-Canadian multidisciplinary artist and photographer living and working in Toronto, Canada. Byron has studied at OCAD University and holds a Certificate of Fine Art and Commercial Portraiture from Spéos International Photography School. As a Black woman and neurodivergent artist living with cerebral palsy, Byron explores themes of identity and community as it relates to the African diasporic and to the disabled experience. Byron’s work, often employs series as a format to evoke a sense of belonging and shared experience. Byron employs a cinematic approach to creating still imagery, through the use light, colour, wardrobe, prop and set design elements to build worlds, weave stories and evoke feelings of familiarity.