Phillip Chin G44: Film Freeform – Polaroid Emulsion Lift

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$165 / $150 (G44 members)

Capture compelling still life compositions on black and white polaroid film and learn how to make unique artworks by transferring the photographic emulsion onto various materials! Participants will work with Vancouver-based artist Phillip Chin to capture images and/or bring polaroid prints, then transfer the photographic emulsion using brushes in warm water onto fine art paper.

Participants are encouraged to bring objects of meaning to photograph and experiment with, they can also bring in glass, metal or other surfaces to transfer onto—all other materials provided.

Phillip Chin travels across Canada and the United States to create images of different members of society. His passion is capturing that one moment of time that the subjects shares with him. Since 2012, Chin has been passionate about the historical process wet plate collodion photography aka tintypes and ambrotypes. Phil is currently working on many tintype projects. One is “Chinatown” where Chin will be continuing prolific Chinese photographer Yucho Chow’s work creating portraits of different members of the Chinese community. Another project is “Chef” where he is creating legacy photos of Chefs across Canada who embrace their palette and country. A fun project is “Cosplay” where Phillip creates portraits of people who dress up as their favourite costume characters. Chin believes in honouring our past to shape our future.