G44: Low Res Photo Intensive Course

May 7 – June 25, 2023
Sundays 11am–5pm
$525 Members / $650 Non-Members*
*includes membership fee

Get your creativity flowing! Over eight 6-hour sessions, you will collectively work through experimental group activities to hone and sharply define the intention and delivery of your creative voices through photography.

The key focus of this program will be developing advanced visual literacy, and redefining the way you approach photography. Participants will have group discussions, critiques, creative experiments, writing exercises, field trips, and more. This year the course will be co-lead by artists Darren Rigo and Camille Rojas on an alternating schedule.

Low Res is a great opportunity for emerging artists to push the boundaries of their practice, build understanding and develop connections in the Toronto art community with a small, supportive group of peers.

More information & registration available here.