Group Exhibition (De)Generate

  • Claudette Abrams
  • Anthea Baxter-Page
  • Michael Dewdney
  • Gaye Jackson
  • Eliza Moore
  • Rick Simon

(De)Generate investigates the dichotomy between generate (cause to arise or produce) and degenerate (having lost or evidence of decline.)

Each of these Toronto Island based artists interprets the opposing concepts individually or in relation to another. As part of an aging community living within urban parklands, each artist explores marks, patterns, or memories we carry as well as those we leave behind.

The artists study the effects of our existence on our environments through themes of physical deterioration, consumption, artifacts, and synchronicity. Both manmade materials and nature have an impact on us; ever evolving and deteriorating through time creating echoes we recognize from within.

Opening reception rain date: May 5, 3-5pm

Curated by Kate Lawler-Dean