Festival Archive

Carlos & Jason Sanchez , Descent, 2003. Courtesy of the artists

The Constructed Image

The many extraordinary photographs in CONTACT 2007 demonstrate how the constructed image has irrevocably transformed photography’s relationship to reality. Whether photographs are composites of multiple scenes or of various disciplines, materials and in uences, hybridity is now a fundamental feature of the medium. Constructed modes of working, and their ever-increasing popularity, are fundamental for artists today who are articulating concerns relating to contemporary global experiences, rather than simply capturing a memory of them.

The focal point of CONTACT 2007: The Constructed Image is Photographic Culture, an exhibition produced in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art that showcases 10 artists from nine countries. Alongside this, our public installations of photography by Canadian and international artists reconstruct city spaces, transit sites and subway platforms as venues for contemplation. Further extending our theme into the city’s fabric, 35 feature exhibitions demonstrate the multiple dramatic effects to which photographs are constructed. Finally, with over 500 artists in open exhibitions this year, CONTACT celebrates the importance of photography as a means of expression for many.

We are very grateful for the continued support of Hewlett-Packard Canada, our premier sponsor and our partner in the production of stunning images exhibited at venues throughout this year’s festival. Our gratitude also goes to Scotiabank Group for their support of our exciting exhibition at MOCCA, and to Concord Adex Developments Corporation for sponsoring some of our public installations. Sincere thanks also go to our official daily newspaper, the Toronto Star, and to our official media sponsors, Fashion Television Channel and enRoute, for their dedication to the festival.

Our gratitude also goes out to everyone involved in CONTACT 2007, including exhibition venues, funding agencies, corporate sponsors, advertisers, education and exhibition partners, CONTACT’s board of directors, staff and volunteers and, especially, the artists and photographers whose commitment to the medium never ceases to amaze us.