WorkSpace is a commissioned exhibition of photo portraits of working people by Berlin artist Martin Weinhold in dialogue with industrial landscape photography by Toronto artist Jesse Boles. Both artists offer carefully composed series of images that convey meaning through multifaceted relationships created between individual photographs of their respective series and through interplay between their two different bodies of work. The exhibition explores the hidden interactions between people and their workspaces, as well as between place and time, as constructions determined by artistic choices and co-defined by the possibilities of a specific art form – in this case, photography. Weinhold presents images that are constructions on several levels, juxtaposing “the atmosphere of a space, the individual attitude of a personality and the choreography of professional activity,” while Boles points out that his landscapes, realistic though they may seem, are “a fiction constructed by elimination”: that elimination being the loss of landscape itself.

WorkSpace is accompanied by a film series on labour. See venue website for full details.