Ananna Rafa

Ananna Rafa is a photographer and painter born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and based in Toronto, Canada, whose work oscillates between places, memories, and identity. She completed her BFA in Photography Studies at Toronto Metropolitan University. She spent her childhood living in between places, namely her birthplace of Bangladesh, and Melbourne, Australia. Her work explores themes of gender and sexuality, negotiating collective and complex identities arising out the effects of migration and colonialism on the South-Asian diaspora.

Ananna Rafa
Ananna Rafa, Scarred / The moon also has its marks, (diptych), 2022. Courtesy of the artist

From the Archives

  • 2023 / core / exhibition

    John Delante & Ananna Rafa
    shrouded gaze

    Emerging Toronto-based artists John Delante and Ananna Rafa navigate their respective cultural upbringings in shrouded gaze, investigating the role of culture and immigration in the evolution of each of their identities and its place in their current lives and relationships. Through portraiture and personal archives, Delante and Rafa question the place of love, in all capacities of the word, through time, distance, secrets and things left unspoken.