Impostor Cities

Impostor Cities: Thomas Balaban, David Theodore, Jennifer Thorogood.

Impostor Cities Team: Nick Cabelli, Cameron Cummings, Mikaèle Fol, Joel Friesen, Pawel Karwowski, Hervé Laurendeau, Sarah Mackenzie, François-Matthieu Mariaud de Serre.

Collaborators: Éric Fauque, Florian Grond, John Gurdebeke, Randolph Jordan, Allison Moore, Wipawe Sirikolkarn

Impostor Cities
Impostor Cities, Impostor Cities Website, 2022. The website encourages viewers to question the authenticity of a singular representation by juxtaposing multiple perspectives. It contains recreated views of the exhibition’s three components (the Lobby, the Screening Room, and the Interviews), and added clips that reformat the exhibition content for online viewing. Courtesy of Impostor Cities and MOCA Toronto

From the Archives

  • 2023 / core / exhibition

    Impostor Cities

    The world we live in is the global generic city we experience together onscreen. Impostor Cities is about architectural identity and faking it, exploring the ways Canada’s buildings and cities double as other places in film and television. Through clips, video interviews, and green-screen opportunities, this multimedia project is a playful critique of cultural self-presentation, examining movies as powerful sites of architectural experience, expression, and authenticity.