Ilze (Kavi) Briede

Ilze (Kavi) Briede is a Canadian/Latvian artist and researcher working across multiple disciplines, including visual art, interactive installation and live performance. Her creative practice and teaching encompass bio-physiological sensing, live coding and video projection art. Currently, Kavi is a PhD student in Digital Media at York University (Toronto, Canada) and a researcher at several York University labs: nD::StudioLab, SLOlab, and Sensorium research cluster. Kavi’s current thesis explores system building for performance and immersive narratives that utilise biophysical sensing and live data to construct novel pathways to knowledge and perception modes. Kavi has received academic degrees in Visual and Computational Arts (Canada), Digital Media Production (United Kingdom) and Chinese language and culture studies (Latvia).

Ilze (Kavi) Briede
Jane Tingley with with Faadhi Fauzi and Ilze (Kavi) Briede, (ex)tending towards, 2023, (3D visualization, cork, electronics, earth, point cloud). Courtesy of the artists. Photo: Jane Tingley

From the Archives

  • 2023 / core / exhibition

    Group Exhibition

    more-than-human features ten contemporary artists who explore human-natural relationships through technology, promoting new ways of understanding the natural world.  Each interactive artwork uses digital media to challenge, excite, and shift our collective understanding of the more-than-human mind. Inspired by an ethics of inclusion that acknowledges the rights of nature, the exhibition questions what it means to be alive and have agency.