Group Exhibition Spectra 1

Nov 11–22,  2020
  • Arman Bahreini
  • Ammar Bowaihl
  • Jeff Curran
  • Ulla Djelweh
  • John Faragher
  • Sylvia Galbraith
  • Brian Hart
  • Margit Koivisto
  • Christine Mack
  • Jack Martin
  • Huw Morgan
  • Joachim Oepkes
  • Vikram Singh
  • Drew Williamson

Photography has the power to engage by sparking the imagination, eliciting a response unique to each viewer. Spectra 1 comprises work by 14 members from Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. This exhibition demonstrates varied interpretations of the photographic medium using both traditional and contemporary methods. Responding to individual ideas of place, abstractions, portraiture and others, Spectra 1 speaks to the diversity of artistic practice while celebrating connectedness within the photographic technique.