Group Exhibition Spectra 2

May 13–24,  2020
  • Sarah Comfort
  • DNA Dodds
  • Courtney Fairweather
  • Brian Groberman
  • Zohreh Moeini
  • Eliza Moore
  • Elsie Nisonen
  • Atia Pokorny
  • Janne Reuss
  • Lilianne Schneider
  • Natta Summerky
  • Celina Virani
  • Grace Wang

Spectra 2 is a group exhibition by members of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography who have a spirit of community and a passion for lens-based art. Curated by Jessica Thalmann, the work meditates on the ways we see, embody, and remember the places around us, often making visible what cannot literally be seen in the urban and natural landscape.