Group Exhibition Spectra 3

  • Linda Briskin
  • Gloria Caballero
  • Katherine Childs
  • Danielle Goshay
  • Andrew Hunter
  • Gustavo Jabbaz
  • Fred Lum
  • Kye Marshall
  • Ivan Rupes
  • Ana Sasic
  • David Scriven
  • James Sutherland

Spectra 3 presents images made in a diverse range of modes and motives that have been curated to find commonalities and showcase talented artists from the Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography. The exhibition examines the city, its people and buildings, and the myriad of ways artists try to make meaning and create lasting connection. This discussion on humanity is broadened with a live event including music, poetry, and dance.

Curated by Fehn Foss